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History 4, Lesson 40

My favorite invention that I have learned so far is soap.

Soap is probably the most important invention ever made.  Soap cleans everything and helps keep diseases away.  Soap seems like such a little thing but plays a big role in life.  Just think, how many times do you use soap everyday, and why?  I personally use soap at least ten times a day.  You might use it to get oil off your hands and makes your hands smell good.  But, yes, I know, I’m just repeating the same point.  Soap is important because it cleans.  Being clean is very important.

My favorite part of the lesson was the story of how soap was made.  Even though the story isn’t true, it was very interesting.  The story about Mount Sapo explains that the ancient Romans would sacrifice their animals to the gods.  Wood ash from the fires of their altars mingled with the grease from the animal sacrifices forming a primitive kind of soap.  That’s where soap gets its Latin name from, Sapo, the name of the mountain. However, we now know that the story is not true for three reasons.  One, the Romans ate the fat and the meat; they left the bones for the gods.  Two, soap was not used in public baths; the soapy water would make the public baths lathery.  Three, there is no record of any place where the name Sapo appears in the history of Rome, nor among the current Italian geographical names.

As you can see soap is a very important invention.


Author: sophiaelahirpc

10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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