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History 6, Review Lesson 1 – God Changed Your Language, What Would You Do?

Hello, my name is Lilly. I was around when God changed our languages. I have been asked by Sophia to tell you, people that are reading this, what is was like.

I’m an orphan. I have adopted parents who believed that we, humans, should be equal with God, if we can’t be equal; they wanted their god to be higher than God. I didn’t believe that.  God created us; since He created us we should worship him. We are below Him. My adopted parents didn’t believe that. So they helped make the Tower of Babel. They made me help too, I didn’t want to. They said I should just accept their god, I pretended to agree, but deep down I swore I would never.

One day I was gathering stones for the tower with my friend, Mia. I had to pick the rocks. Mia had to carry. She kept on talking and talking while I was picking the rocks. She had no clue I was picking bad, unreliable rocks. I didn’t want this tower to succeed. Thankfully, God didn’t let the tower succeed. Mia was still talking when it happened. One minute I understood her, the next, she was talking gibberish. I looked at Mia. She looked at me. I did not understand the language she was talking. I myself had no clue what language I was talking. We left the rocks and ran back to the tower.

It was complete chaos! People was running and screaming in foreign languages. Mia ran to find her family. That was the last time I saw her. I ran to the tower, nobody was working on it. I sighed in relief. I knew that this, everyone’s languages changing, was God’s doing. He stopped the tower from being completed. I started trying to call to my adopted parents, but my attempts was all in vain.

“Help!” I cried.

“What’s wrong?” yelled a person from in the crowd. This person talked in my new language.

“Help!” I yelled again. Someone ran to me. It was one of the village elders, the only elder that believed in God, I only know her as Auntie M.

“Lily! God has done this! You and I are family!” Auntie M said excitedly.

“Auntie M! Wait! What’s happening?”

Auntie M explained that God changed our languages to stop the village people from completing the tower. We speak the same language as each other because we’re in the same tribe. They’re three tribes. Each one are based from each of Noah’s sons. She said that she was from the Semitic tribe, so must I, if we’re talking the same language.

In the next few days I met other people from the Semitic tribe, my real family! I don’t know what happened to my adopted parents. I never saw them again. I helped Auntie M pack. My tribe was planning on moving, they never told me exactly where we were going. To this day I still don’t know where we moved to. The only direction I knew was that we were going in the opposite direction of the other tribes. I didn’t have a say in where we got to go. But, I didn’t care.

We walked for months. It was long, tiring, and energy consuming. We used to have big feasts at night with the food that we brought. I wish we didn’t though. After a while, we, of course, started running out of food. We had to ration. Auntie M got sick. She almost died if we didn’t find other people from the Semitic tribe. They nursed her back to health. We settled down with them.

I knew that God could have flooded the world, but He didn’t. He was merciful, He only changed our languages. That is why I’m glad that God is forgiving and merciful.


Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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