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History 6, Review Lesson 5 – Ancient Egyptian Facts

This week I focused on the Ancient Egyptians. In this lesson I’m going to write about some of the facts that I learned about this week.

In lesson 17 I learned that the first recorded Egyptian genius who was named Imhotep (for all we know Imhotep couldn’t have been the first Egyptian genius, however, he was the first to be recorded) . He was a medical physician and he designed the first pyramid for the Pharaoh Djoser.  I also learned that the purpose of the ancient Egyptians records were not for us to know more about them, but to honor their pharaohs and gods. I already knew that upper and Lower Egypt was unified, but I didn’t know who unified them. Well now I know! Pharaoh Menes.

In lesson 18 I learned that Pharaoh Seneferu was the first Pharaoh to build a true pyramid. What do you mean by true? You may ask. A true pyramid is not a step pyramid but a pyramid with flat sides. I also learned who built the great Sphinx: Pharaoh Khafre. He was also buried by it. I also learned that Pharaoh Pepi the second was the longest ruling pharaoh. He reigned for 92 years!

In lesson 19 I leaned that around 1504 BC the Egyptians stopped making pyramids every time a pharaoh dies, because it was practically a beacon for tomb robbers to come. I also learned that Thutmose 3 was known as the Greatest of all the Pharaohs. I also learned that Amenhotep worshiped the sun god, Aten, and changed his names to Akhenaten, which means son of Aten.

In lesson 20 I leaned that Ramses 2 was known as Ramses the Great, and he reigned for 67 years! I learned why Egypt entered the Third Intermediate Period. It was because Ramses 2 neglected foreign affairs at the end of his reign. I learned that the Persians controlled Egypt in Dynasty 27.

As you can see I learned many things this week about Egypt. I hope you learned something too. Thanks for reading!




Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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