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History 6, Review Lesson 9 – Saul

A really long time ago there was a poor young man named Saul who worked for his father. He was found by Samuel, one of God’s messengers, and just like that, Saul became a king.

Saul’s first action as king was to go to war. Saul saved the city Jabesh Gilead, claiming a victory and favor from his people and Jabesh Gilead’s. However, after the first two years of his reign he loses the peoples respect when he sinned.

Saul’s 3 sins

  1. Saul made a sacrifice. That is something only priests can do.
  2. Saul made a stupid oath. The oath was that no one should eat or drink until the enemy is completely beaten.
  3. Saul doesn’t destroy the Amalekites like he was commanded to. Saul saves their king and their best sheep and oxen for sacrificing.

After all of Saul’s sins God tells him that his sons will never be king and that the kingship will be passed on to another. Samuel then finds David, son of Jesse. David is now the new king and Saul is a thing of the past.



Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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