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History 6, Review Lesson 25 – The Founding of Carthage

In this essay I’m going to write about how Carthage was founded, this might be an unusually short essay, but the founding of Carthage is very simple.

Legend says that Carthage was founded in 814 BC by Elissa, better known as Dido, does that name sound familiar? Well, Dido was in the Aeneid by Virgil. Anyways, when her father died her brother became king of Phoenicia she fled. Her brother was a cruel man and a cruel king and Dido knew that he would try to kill her. So she ran to start her own kingdom on the coast of North Africa.

But, there was one problem, she didn’t have the land! So she talked to the locals and said that whatever land she could cover with the hide of a bull they would give to her. So, the locals agreed. Dido then cut up the hide into narrow strips and was able to carve out a nice sized land for her new kingdom, Carthage.

Well, this is how Carthage was founded. I know this was a short essay, but this is how Carthage was founded, a short and simple story, don’t you think?


Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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