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History 6, Review Essay 30 – Roman Life

Hi! I’m Aelia. I’m a seven year old girl in Ancient Rome. Sophia asked me to tell you, readers, to give you an idea of my daily life, so, here I go!

Since I’m seven I can go to school, after school I have to go home and do a lot of homework. My older brother, Aurelius, is 11 and almost done with school. Mother and Father are always talking about secondary school for him. He thinks he’s so smart because he’s going to secondary school.

I’m 11 now! I’m already finished school! Now I don’t have to go to school, instead Mother teaches me cooking, sewing, and all the other things that a good wife should know. Aurelius is 15 now. His ceremony for when he becomes a man has passed, he’s now learning in Greece with great philosophers. Mother and Father are already looking for a man for me to marry.

I’m 14 now. Tomorrow is my wedding day. Mother and Father have found a perfect man for me. His name is Magnus. He’s studying to be a part of the Senate. Magnus is quite nice, I’ve only met him once before this time though but he’s very nice and kind and is sweet to me. But the only thing that Father cares about is how much money he has, which is a lot.

Aurelius is 18 now. He’s come back from Greece for my wedding. He lives there now so we don’t see him much. He came this morning; he’s been talking politics with Father for the past four hours!

For my wedding day Mother is passing on her beautiful white dress and red veil that has been passed on since my Grandmother, Mother’s mother.

I’m 20 now. I’ve been happily married to Magnus for six years now. Magnus is now a part of the Senate; because of that we go to the bathhouses quite often with his friends. I spend time with their wives after we’ve all been rubbed with oil and have been scrapped.

Well that’s my life, so far. Hopefully Sophia will call me back again and I’ll tell you more! I hope that you have pretty good idea of a young girl in Ancient Rome. Thanks for reading!


Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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