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History 6, Review Lesson 17 – Socrates, Hyptia, and Ptolemy

This week I’ve learned a lot about different Greek astronomers, mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists. In this lesson I’m going to focus on a philosopher, a mathematician, and a scientist.


Socrates was one of the earliest Greek philosophers. He was born in Alopece, a city in Athens. Socrates was an amazing philosopher, coming up with the Socratic Method. But he wasn’t always a philosopher; his father was a stonecutter, and so was Socrates until 431 BC when the Peloponnesian war broke out and Socrates went to go fight in it. When he came back he became a teacher of philosophy.

Socrates was an honorable man. When he was sent to trial and condemned to death by poison he took it bravely and didn’t try to escape. His methods are still used today, like the Socratic Method of questioning.


Ptolemy was born in 100AD in Alexandria, Egypt, (used to be part of Rome when Ptolemy was born).Not much is known about Ptolemy’s early life besides knowing that he studied for 3 years with Aristotle.

Ptolemy was a scientist and astronomers, and like any astronomers he created theories about the sun and Earth and all the other planets (besides Uranus and Neptune, they weren’t discovered at the time). Most astronomers at that time thought that the sun and all the other planets revolve around Earth, but Ptolemy thought that we revolved around the sun, which is correct! But not many people liked a new view of life so that gave Ptolemy many enemies.

He died in 170AD. The cause of death is unknown maybe it was a peaceful natural death, who knows! However if Ptolemy didn’t come up with that theory of how we revolve around the sun and not the other way around we still might be thinking that we are the literal center of the universe!


Hyptia was born in Alexandria, Egypt and was raised by her father a math teacher. As she grew up her father saw the potential in her and started to teach her about math. He also fixed a special diet for her so her body could be as strong as her mind. Her father was very supportive of her. A lot of what Hyptia has accomplished is because of her dad.

Some of her accomplishments are, teaching, wrote many books about math, invented the astrolabe, and was greatly respected by the people around her because of her expertise.

Unfortunately, Hyptia got on the bad side of a bishop. He sent a mob to kill her. Hyptia inspires me, boys and girls reading this, how often do you hear about a woman that made and impact in history? Not often right? Well Hyptia did many things that not many woman back then could do. Thank you Hyptia, for everything that you’ve done.

As you can see these mathematicians, astronomers, and philosophers have done things many many years ago that are impacting us now, to this day! Thanks for reading!


Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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