History 7, Morals from the Seafaring Beggar and Other Tales

In the book of tales that I have been reading each story/poem has a moral. There are two stories that really stuck out to me, and in this essay I’m going to talk about them.

Hakim and His Special Letter

In this story a young mountain boy comes down from his village in the mountains for the first time to obtain a great treasure; the Qur’an. The Qur’an was the only treasure of his village and it brought joy to all the villagers. When the Sheikh’s tent burned down the Qur’an went up in flames as well. Hakim asked the Sheikh’s wife to write a special letter requesting a Qur’an from whomever Hakim met.

Hakim left in the night so his parents wouldn’t know and try to stop him. As he went down the mountain he heard someone coming and hid. Hakim had heard the elders of his village tell about dangerous bandits on the mountain. The person turned out to be a man pulling his donkey up the mountain. Hakim called out to him. The man told him to come closer; all of a sudden the man pulled out a knife and started threatening Hakim. He told Hakim to turn out his pockets; all Hakim had was the letter. Hakim read the letter to the bandit. When Hakim finished the bandit started crying; when he finally calmed down he explained why he was crying.

The bandit’s father always read the Qur’an to him when he got into trouble. His father was always patient and was always kind. At his father’s death bed he asked his son to give him his Qur’an, the one thing that gave him joy. The bandit never gave his father’s Qur’an to him before he died. The bandit took his father’s Qur’an to remember him by and to make up for not giving the thing one thing that gave him joy.

The bandit gave Hakim his father’s Qur’an, this is how he’s going to repay his mistake.

Moral: Allah will always forgive you, and will give you a chance to be forgiven.


The Seafaring Beggar

In this story a trader, Ma Liang, gets robbed, causing him to not have any money to pay for his ship. He becomes homeless and poor. One day he decides to go to the port to ask for money. He sees a foreigner that just landed at the port. He went over asking for money. Maybe the foreigner will be sympathetic to him.  When Ma Liang approached him asking for some money the foreigner started asking for Ma Liang’s arms, legs, hands, feet, and eyes! Each time offering $1000 for each body part. Ma Liang getting mad asked the man why are you asking me for my body parts. The foreigner replied: “Allah has given you all of these body parts. You’re in perfect condition to work. All your body parts can give you thousands of dollars altogether!”

Ma Liang understood what the foreigner meant.  The foreigner asked him what his profession was; Ma Liang said that he was a sailor. The foreigner needed a new captain for his ship and offered Ma Liang the job. Ma Liang accepted; since then  he converted to Islam and got a ship bigger than the one that he had before, and abundance flooded into his life.

Moral: Allah gives you abundance, since the day you were born. Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean that your life is over. Everything that happens to you is part of Allah’s plan. You have control of your life, but Allah gives you the opportunities.


As you can see, this storybook has a lot of good stories and morals. These morals can apply to your everyday life. You just need to watch out for them. Thanks for reading!


Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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