History 7 – The Islamic Story of Noah

The Islamic story of Noah says that he was born into a tribe of people who worshiped idols. God sent Noah into this tribe to show the people that what they were doing was wrong.

Noah proclaimed to the people that he was Muslim and tried hard, for a very long time to convert the people to Islam. He tried enticing the people, saying that if they pray to God, He will give them wealth and fertility. He tried threatening the people, saying that God will punish them if they don’t convert. A few people converted, but the majority of the people didn’t and stayed stubborn. Noah tried for 1,000 years, but he wasn’t successful.

When Noah prayed to God for help, God told him to plant a tree and let it grow for 100 years. After 100 years God told Noah to cut down the tree and build a big ship for his family, his believers, and a pair of every animal in the world.

The day the flood came Noah, his wife, three of Noah’s sons and their wives, all of Noah’s believers, and a male and female of every species boarded the ark.

After the flood the ark supposedly landed on Mont Judi (aka Mount Cudi) or Mount Ararat. We’re not sure which but the ark could be in that area since both mountains are part of the Zagros mountain range. Mount Judi is located in Turkey and Mount Ararat is in Armenia, though technically it’s part of Turkey.

After that we’re really not sure what happened. We do know that Noah’s three sons, Sam, Ham, and Yafuth, branched off into different parts of the world.

Sam’s descendants are the Arabs, Persians, and Romans.  Yafuth’ s descendants are the Turks, Slavs, people of Central and Easter Europe, and the people of Gog and Magog (people who live in between the Black and Caspian seas, these people don’t follow the laws of God).  And Ham’s descendants are the Copts, Sudanese, Berbers, and people who live in Africa.

Everybody on Earth can be traced back to one of Noah’s son. All of us are descendants of Noah.

Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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