6 thoughts on “Public Speaking 9, Lesson 25 – Speech #1, Icebreaker Speech”

  1. 12 years old and in the 9th grade?!? WOW!! That’s so awesome!

    You are very well spoken and your speech was fantastic! I’m really impressed. I don’t have much to critique…as in nothing. That was great!

    What is it like living in Singapore? Especially during these times?

    I’m also a mixed child! My mother is from Guatemala and my father is from Canada/United States of America. I look nothing like my tan skinned, brown eyed, brown haired mother, it’s quite shocking. Many people who don’t know us mistake her as my babysitter too! 😂 Because of my mother’s upbringing, I speak English and Spanish. Are you bilingual as well?

    You seem like a really cool person and I’d love to get to know you better! Due to homeschooling, I also don’t have much of a social life (even though I am naturally an extrovert) hahaha.

    Hope all is well in Singapore, sending best wishes all the way from Alaska! 😊🖤

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    1. Hi Sophia! Perks of homeschooling, you can excel in grades.

      Living in Singapore is honestly really great! We were starting to go back to normal. but then the amount of cases started to rise and we had to go into a mini lockdown.

      I’m so glad there are other mixed children out there that don’t look like one parent. I thought I was abnormal 😂

      I am not bilingual, but I am trying to learn Mandarin. I would love to talk to you more! Do you have an email I can contact you by?


      1. For sure! I only started homeschooling last year, but I’m trying to get a hard start on most of my peers by starting my 10th grade year now.

        That’s great! Except for the lockdowns of course. Where I live in Alaska, we’ve barely had any cases. It’s been really nice, but masks and social distancing are still required in most buildings.

        Hahaha me too! I’m glad I’m not alone, being a mixed child that looks nothing like one parent.

        Mandarin! How cool! How’s that been going for you so far? I’ve been wanting to learn French, but I’m so busy I don’t have much time.

        Yes, I have an email. It’s: sophias.rpchomeschool@gmail.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  2. That’s great!
    I’m honestly so jealous of Alaska. Having few cases is awesome!
    If I am being honest, I gave up on Mandarin for a while. I sort of forgot everything so I’m just revising now haha. French sounds really awesome, a couple of my other friends are learning French as well.
    I’ll send you a message in your email right now! Mine is sophia.elahi@outlook.com, so if you get a message from that email it’s from me 🙂


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