Business 9, Lesson 35 – Three Goals I Want to Achieve by the Time I’m 70 Years Old

This week I have been learning about goal-setting and ‘Plan B.’  In this essay I am going to talk about three goals I want to achieve by the time I am 70 years old and how owning my own business will help me reach those goals.

My Three Goals

About two weeks ago, I wrote an essay, which is similar to this one, about what I would be willing to settle for by my next birthday, my 18th birthday, and my 25th birthday.  All of the goals I listed in that essay were related to my acting and writing.  Unless my interests in these topics change in the next 57 years, these three goals will also apply to my acting and writing.  Of course, there is a possibility that as I grow up my interests will change, but for the sake of this essay let’s assume that my areas of interests never change.  With that being said, by the time I am 70 I want to have performed in at least 25 movies/plays, have written a minimum of 20 books, and have published physical copies of at least half of the books I have written.  I would also like to live in a house that allows me to have my own reading room/nook and my own office where I can write my books all day, every day.  Even though that last goal may more like wishful thinking than a real goal, I still hope to achieve it one day.

How Owning My Own Business Will Help Me Achieve These Goals

Starting, and owning, my own business at a young age will help me develop a stable income.  Assuming the business is a success, I now have a stable and reliable source of income where I am in charge, allowing me to focus on my writing and acting.  While I am out going to auditions or spending hours in front of a computer writing my books, I have a source of income that will pay for my expenses.  As an adult with a family, this source of income will allow me to provide for my family and still continue doing the things that I love.


As you can see, having your own business can be quite beneficial to you.  The tricky part is coming up with an idea that will actually work and bring in a decent amount of money.  I will be honest, if my business does not bring in too much money I will not be able to solely focus on my interests.  But since I am only 13, I have plenty of time to figure out these things.

Thanks for reading!

Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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