Business 9, Lesson 50 – What 20% of This Week’s Lesson Influenced Me the Most?

This week I was supposed to read The Breakthrough Principle of 16x by Richard Koch and write an essay about the 20% of the book that impacted me the most.  But I was not able to get the book in time for the lessons.  Instead of writing about the 20% of the book that impacted me the most, I am going to talk about the 20% of this week’s lessons that impacted me the most.

I think the thing that impacted me the most, and that I remember without looking at my notes, is the 80-20 rule and what it is.  The 80-20 rule states that the majority of the effects (the 80%) comes from the minority of causes (the 20%).   Like in a textbook, if you read the conclusion, look at any of the pictures or graphs that are in the book, and sections that look interesting you get 80% of the knowledge from only 20% of the book.

The really fascinating thing about the 80-20 rule is that it applies to everything.  Business, relationships, your social life, everything.  Now you may be wondering how the 80-20 rule applies to your relationships and social life.  Let me use the example of being in a relationship.

Let’s say that Husband A and Husband B (I know, really bad names, bear with me) work the same hours and go home at the same time.  Husband A does not have a lot of extra work to do and spends three hours with his wife after work every day.  Husband B has a lot of extra work to do and can only spend time with his wife for an hour. 

The wife of Husband A is not happy and complains that he does not spend enough time with her while the wife of Husband B has no such complaints.  Why?

It is because Husband A is on his phone playing games or reading emails during the three hours he is with his wife, while Husband B is actually talking to his wife and giving her love and attention.  Even though the wife of Husband B is not getting as much time with her husband as the wife of Husband A she is happy because she is actually getting attention.

20% of the work produces 80% of the results.

As you can see, this week has taught me a lot about the 80-20 rule.  I have heard about it before this week’s lessons, but these past lessons have just solidified my understanding of this rule.

Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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