Business 9, Lesson 60 – Three Time-Allocated Changes That Will Increase My Productivity

This week in Business class I read more chapters from Living the 80/20 Way by Richard Koch.  In the book he talked about making time-allocated changes to your daily life to increase your productivity.  In this essay I am going to talk about three time-allocated changes that I can make to increase my productivity.

Follow my Morning Routine

A couple weeks ago I decided to come up with a morning routine for myself.  I follow this routine most mornings, but as it gets closer to the weekend my motivation to stick to a schedule is next to nothing.  But if I force myself to keep to a schedule my attitude towards the rest of the day will be more positive and I will be more energized. My morning routine (for weekdays) looks like this:

  • Wake up at 7 am and brush teeth
  • Stretch
  • Do ab workout from YouTube or go swimming (I live in a condo with a  pool)
  • Shower if I did go swimming
  • Eat breakfast at 8 am
  • Start school by 8:30 am

Writing Time

I am currently working on my first YA (young adult) novel that I plan to publish as an e-book by the time I am 15 years old.  Many authors have said that setting a certain time period to write every day has made their brains recognize when it is time to write, that is how many of them get their ideas.  I set a writing time (5 pm) for myself a couple months ago, but I have been having trouble sticking to it.  But, like following my morning routine, if I force myself to sit down every day at 5 pm to write I think that I may be able to get more ideas out.

Bedtime Routine

Like my morning routine, I have come up with a bedtime routine but I do not always follow it.  But like my morning routine and my writing, if I force myself to follow the routine and go to sleep at my bedtime I will (hopefully) get a better sleep and be more energized to do my morning routine the next day.  My bedtime routine (for weekdays) is supposed to look like this:

  • Shower (if I didn’t in the morning) by 8:30 pm
  • Call friends at 9 pm
  • Get off the phone at 10 pm
  • Do prayers with my Dad until 10:30 pm
  • Listen to my podcast, listen to music, or read by book until 11 pm
  • Go to sleep at 11 pm


As you can see, I already have time-allocated things to do each day.  I will keep trying to do it all, even if I do not want to.

Thanks for reading!

Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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