Business 9, Lesson 90 – The Ideal Apprenticeship, and Why

Earlier in the 9th Grade Business course, Dr North mentioned getting an apprenticeship during the last few years of high school.  In this essay, I am going to talk about the ideal apprenticeship for me and why.

With my school, my parents and I planned it in such a way where I finish high school at 16 years old, giving me a two year gap between high school and college.  I had originally planned to get an internship at a production company.  But now, I am leaning towards the idea of focusing on my acting in those two years.

But, if I change my mind (again), and decide to get an internship/apprenticeship, I would want it to be based around acting or teaching acting (as an assistant).  In my mind, the internship would be ideal if it was not too far away from where I live, and is something that I like and want to do.  It would be a huge bonus if I had co-workers who were around my age and have the same interests as me.

As you can see, I am not too interested in getting an internship anymore.  I would rather spend my gap years auditioning for acting roles (movie or onstage), learning the Quran (Islam’s holy book), and writing my novels.  I would also like to have enough time to enjoy my last few years as a teenager before I go off to college with legal adults who are supposed to be mature and ‘grown-up like.’

Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 9th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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