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Biology 10, Lesson 100 – Soil

Soil.  An essential component in the growth of a healthy and happy plant.  It is so important that there are not one, but two studies dedicated to soil.  Since Kindergarten, children are taught that soil is important.  But what if someone said “it’s just the thing that holds up the plant.”  What can you say to that?

Soil does help keep the plant stay upright, but it is so much more important than to only “hold them up.”  Soil has horizons, which are like layers.  Each layer carries its own nutrients for the plant to absorb when its roots grow into it.  The first level of soil is known as Topsoil (original name, I know), which carries the minerals needed for Cation Exchange (the process of a plant releasing and absorbing positively-charged particles).  A plant will release or absorb these particles to create the perfect kind of soil they need to thrive.  You can say that plants need soil to grow and survive.

Now what if that same person responds with “if soil is so important, why can’t a plant survive with only soil?”  Plants are like humans in this way.  We need sleep, food, and water to survive.  Plants need soil, sun, and water to survive.  Humans cannot only survive on sleep the same way plants cannot only survive after being put into the soil. 

As you can see, soil is extremely important to the health of a plant.  If you ask any gardener, they will tell you that the different types of soil is crucial when taking care of a plant.  I hope you learned something from this essay along with the imaginary person asking questions.

Thanks for reading!


Author: sophiaelahirpc

10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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