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Business 10, Lesson 123 – My Business Plan

For Lesson 123, Mr. Emmons gave a worksheet with questions to answer about our chosen business. My chosen business is to self-publish my fictional novels on Amazon Kindle.

  • Value Proposition

[I write Young Adult romance books for teens/young adults.]

  • Market Need

[My goal is for my book(s) to be a stress reliever, for those who need a break from reality. Or a source of entertainment for those who want a break from electronics.]

  • The Competition

[Well known authors charge $9.99-$12.99 for their books. Less known authors charge $8.99 and lower, but charge $9.99 for books that are more popular. My books will be from the range of $4.99-$7.99.]

  • Target Market

[Teenagers (aged 13-18), preferably female or those who can relate to a female mindset.]

  • Financials: Budgeting & Forecasting

[Each book will be priced at $4.99, but I will only get $1.50. For the first year, I want to sell 100 books in the first year. When I finish a series, I will expand into physical books and sell them in a set. Each physical book will be $15.00, I will get $12.75. I will sell a three book set for $30.00, and I will get $25.50 from each set bought.]

  • Marketing Activities

[I will use Tiktok as a way to get my book known and get people interested.]

  • Sales Channels

[I will regularly post excerpts, scenarios, and aesthetics on Tiktok.]

  • Milestones

[Start writing novel by the beginning of 2023. Have Amazon account set up by June 2023 and Tiktok account active and set up by September 2023.]

  • Your Team

[I am the author of the book, therefore I am the best person to start the marketing procedures for the first few months. A book cover designer will be hired in month 9 or 10. A marketer will be hired in month 13 or 14.]

  • Funding Needs and Use of Funds

[$100 to cover book designer and marketer with some to spare.]


Author: sophiaelahirpc

10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Business 10, Lesson 123 – My Business Plan”

  1. You are not in one of the countries allowed to have the 70% royalty option, me too, I’m sad…..

    I also chose the publishing business as my business in the business 2 course.

    I did my book cover myself for cheap (and I’m proud of it LOL), who are you planning to pay to make yours?
    Marketing ughh…. I haven’t thought about that, besides TikTok do you have any other places?

    Sadly romance books are not my thing at all…..LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I didn’t realize my country isn’t allowed the 70% royalty plan. I’ll have to figure that out πŸ€”

      That’s really awesome that you made your own cover. I plan to hire a graphic designer from Fiverr to create one for me. I think in my case, it’ll be better to let someone else do it πŸ˜…

      At the moment, I do not have any other platforms besides Tiktok. When I get further into the writing process, I will take more time to research other ways to market.

      Romance books aren’t for everyone! I just have an unhealthy obsession πŸ˜†

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry I read the amazon ebook royalty page wrong, I thought it says that only the publishers in these countries can get the 70% royalty rate, but it really says that you only get the 70% rate from people who bought in a certain list of countries. Sigh of relief……….

        Here is the link to the ebook royalty rate:

        I mean I made a book for a theological book named “Out of Egypt” so do you know what is my book cover……………..Moses Parting the Red Sea, it’s cool…….it looks more like a fiction book cover than a theological book cover LOL

        I really need to start thinking about marketing, I am planning to publish the book in December hopefully……

        I am not publishing my own books, never finished one to tell you the truth LOL


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