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Business 10, Lesson 170 – My Blog Post

The following essay/blog post, is what I intend to write (or something close to it) on my blog that is dedicated to my writing and e-books.  At the moment, the blog is still under construction and is yet to be released into the world.

Title: It’s Called Character Development

I know I can’t be the only writer out there that created trauma for my main character and justified it as character development.

Towards the end of 2021, around the time when my two best friends left Singapore, I started writing a book for the fun of it.  There was no plan, plot, or structure laid out when I jumped in and started typing my ideas out.

I shared the few chapters I had written with my two best friends, and both of them immediately demanded I start sharing more.

So I did.

We had hour long discussions about the story and where it could go in our group chat together, laughing at stupid ideas that didn’t make any sense.  While I was the only one writing the chapters, the two of them heavily inspired what I wrote.

They loved the story.  However, they never forgave me for killing off a bunch of kids at the beginning of the book.  Sure, they were close to the main character.  And yes, they were kids.  But the main character needed something to push her into her villain arc.

I still don’t understand why they were so upset over the death of characters they didn’t even know, but they were still mad.

Naturally, I had to bring the kids back to life because…why not?

The most common question they asked me while I was writing was: why did I kill off the kids?

My answer: because I can.

It’s safe to say I had the biggest power trip writing these chapters.

Sadly, the few chapters I wrote never amounted to an actual book.  I’m pretty sure I spent more time talking about the ideas I had than writing them out.  But I’m okay with that. 

I started writing the chapters for fun and so I could start discussions and debates with my friends.  Perhaps one day I’ll come back to the chapter and build something on them.

For now, they’ll sit in my phone along with the other poems and random story ideas from my quarantine days.

Sorry book.


Author: sophiaelahirpc

10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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