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Business 10, Lesson 175 – Business Opportunities for High Schoolers

Many teenagers usually have the feeling of being invincible.  They feel as if nothing in the world can weigh them down or stop them from getting what they want.  This kind of mindset, with some realism mixed in, is perfect for starting a business.  But what kind of business can a teenager start?

As Mr. Emmons says in the Business II course: “the sky is the limit.”  Unlike what many teenagers may think, there are very few limits when it comes to starting a business as a high schooler.  Of course, you cannot sell alcohol or start a tattoo parlour, but there are plenty of other profitable and interesting ideas to explore.


For those who do not want to have “formal” jobs, Etsy is a great place to go.  Many teenagers, and adults, started their own Etsy shop when quarantine began in 2020.  They would sell their hand-made products like plushies, quilts, clothes, etc.  This is a great way for teenagers to turn whatever hobby they may into a way to make money.  It is also a great option for those who enjoy working with their hands.


If you took Ron Paul’s ABC course (Academic Boot Camp), you may know the technique of “talking to the wall” as a way of absorbing material better.  The Ron Paul Curriculum also advertises their forums as a great place for students to absorb material by helping teach one of their peers.  Tutoring works the same way.

Not only are you helping your client understand and learn the material, you are helping yourself absorb and remember the material better.  As an added bonus: you are getting money while you are doing it!

Traditional and Classic Businesses

When I say traditional and classic, I mean businesses like babysitting and mowing lawns.  Maybe even shovelling snow depending on where you live.

Babysitting is usually one of the first ideas a high schooler considers when they want to start a business or find a way to make some money.  While it is not for everyone, it is a great opportunity to learn how to handle children while also making some money.  Many adults have said that babysitting jobs can teach a high schooler responsibility and give them a taste of what their own parents had to deal with when they were younger.

Mowing lawns is another traditional and classic business idea for a high schooler.  If you live in a neighbourhood where people have front or backyards, you are in the right place to generate some business.   When winter comes around, you can offer to shovel snow out of people’s driveways or walkways around their house.

Like babysitting, this type of business is not for everyone.  It can be very physically demanding and requires a lot of discipline and motivation.  However, if you are willing to put the time and effort into it, you can get quite a few customers.


The final business idea is a less traditional idea and is not something many high schoolers would think of doing.

A Fiverr business would be starting your own profile on Fiverr and offering your services to whoever may be interested.  For example, in this Business II course, Mr Emmons uses the example of offering the service of building websites on Fiverr.

However, there are many other different services you can offer based on your strengths and interests.  You could be a graphic designer and make covers for authors or offer your services as a ghost writer.


As you can see, the possibilities to what you can do as a high schooler who wants to start a business are endless!  You do not have to follow anyone’s set rules.  You can start a business on whatever your interests may be.  If you like to bake new recipes, you can start selling them in your town.  If you like photography, you can create a portfolio and advertise as a photographer.


Author: sophiaelahirpc

10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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