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English 5, Lesson 160 – What is something that you would like to learn how to do?

This week the topic for the essay is What is Something that you Would like to Learn How to do?  Something I would like to learn is guitar, karate, and mandarin.

I want to learn guitar because my best friend used to learn guitar. But, that isn’t the only reason I want to learn guitar. I also want to learn guitar because I think it’s cool and it’s developing a new skill. I also want to earn guitar because, if you want to learn guitar you need to be able to read music, and I don’t know how to read music. Learning guitar is going to help me learn how to read music.

I want to learn Karate because, I like martial arts. When I used to live in America I would take Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, and I loved it! Of course, I had to stop when I moved to Singapore. Now, I want to find a dojo and start Karate. I also want to learn Karate because I want to try it out (because it’s obviously different from Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai) and because my dad and mom want me to know self-defense if I ever need it.

Finally, I would like to learn mandarin. I would like to learn mandarin for three reasons. One, so I can communicate with my grandma better (and know what she and my mom are talking about in mandarin). Two, because in Asia, mandarin is the main language. Three, who wouldn’t want to learn a language?

These are the three things I want to learn. What do you want to learn? Please comment! Thanks for reading!


English 5, Lesson 150 – The Coolest Building in Singapore

There are many cool buildings in Singapore. But there is one that is my favorite; the Merlion.

The Merlion is one of my favorite buildings. I have to admit, it isn’t a building, more like a statue. But it’s still one of my favorite. The Merlion is a Singaporean myth of a sea creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The Merlion is like a mascot to the Singaporeans. The meaning behind the Merlion is very interesting. The fish body represents Singapore’s origin when it was a fishing town called Temasek, which means “sea town” in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, meaning “lion city”.

The Merlion

There are three main reasons why the Merlion is my favorite building. One, I love the backstory to the Merlion. To me it’s very interesting. Two, the Merlion is in downtown Singapore. Since I don’t live in downtown Singapore, its fun to go to. Lastly, it’s summer all year long here, and is extremely hot. Since the Merlion is a giant statue that shoots water out of its mouth you get lightly sprayed, which is heavenly when you’re hot.

I don’t have any dislikes of the Merlion. Though, as much fun as it is to go to downtown Singapore, I wish that the Merlion was closer to where I live.

As you can see, the Merlion is the coolest statue ever!

English 5, Lesson 140 – Best Advice I Have Ever Received

I have received many good advices; however, these are my favorite three. YOLO, don’t worry be happy, and, well, the third one I’ll leave it as a surprise.

YOLO. It stands for you only live once. I like this saying because it means try everything (something my dad has been telling me since before I can remember), who knows if you’ll be re-born? It means if you put it off to the side continuously you may not be able to do it, at all or again. But my favorite part about it is that it sounds really cool! =)

Don’t worry be happy. The title of one of my dad’s favorite song. This song conveys a very good message. Stop stressing, be happy and carefree.  Bobby McFerrin really knew what he was talking about. If you haven’t watched the video you really should.

Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for. The third best advice I’ve ever received. I know you’re impatient, so I’ll cut to the chase. At first if you don’t fricasii fry fry a hen! Ops! I mean at first if you don’t succeed try try again. I like that saying because it basically means don’t give up no matter how many times you fail.

As you can see, I have received lots of good advice. These three are my favorite.


English 5, Lesson 130 – If I could Live Anywhere in the World

If I could live anywhere in the world I would either stay here, in Singapore, or go back to Stamford, Connecticut, where I was born, or go to Darien, Connecticut, in my dream house.

If I stayed here in Singapore I would want a slightly bigger apartment, so I can have my own playroom, and have a pet. My dream apartment would be pretty big. The kitchen would be big, the living room even bigger. So big we g=could have a green screen. We would have a wall so big we could get a projector to watch movies on! My bedroom would have a bay window, a big closet, a bathroom in the same room, a vanity set, a little stage I could play on, and a princess bed. That is my dream apartment in Singapore.

If I could have a dream house in Stamford, Connecticut I would go back to my old house I lived in when I was little. We had a deck, a large living room, a basement that was my playroom, an office for my dad, three bedrooms that are very big, and a spacious backyard and front yard. That is my dream house if I could go to Stamford, Connecticut.

If I could go to Darien, Connecticut I would want a new big house. The living room would be so big that we could throw a party! We would have a flower garden in the front yard, and a pool, trampoline, and vegetable garden in the backyard. I would have an art room, a play room, a movie theater, and a library! My room would be in a tower, I would have a bay window, a walk in closet, porch, and queen size bed that can become a bunk bed that is really high. That is my dream house I want in Darien, Connecticut.

In these three paragraphs I have told you my dream house/ apartment. What are your dream houses/ apartment? Please comment. Hope you liked my essay.


English 5, Lesson 120 – My Favorite Animals

My favorite animals are dogs and hamsters. This essay tells you the three reasons why and fun facts about dogs and hamsters that you probably didn’t know.

I love dogs because they’re energetic, playful, fluffy, cute, sometimes hyper, friendly sweet, and they’re man’s best friend. Just like me! Not the last one though. Did you know that a one year-old pup is as physically mature as a 15 year-old human? Or that they can smell your feelings. The Basenji is the only breed of dog that can’t bark, but they can yodel! When a dog spins in a circle before settling down to snuggle, it’s because he’s making himself at home! This is a nesting trait carried down from the dog’s wilder ancestors!


I also love hamsters; they’re just like puppies, except smaller and cuter. Did you know that hamster’s teeth grow continuously? Or that they love to hoard their food? Hamsters can learn their names. If you talk to your hamster frequently, she’ll get used to hearing her name. To a hamster, “large” means “predator.” If you don’t want to get bitten. Approach a hamster from the side and talk to them or call their name. Also, don’t startle your hamster awake.

Cute baby hamster

As you can see, dogs and hamsters are amazing. I love other animals too, of course, but dogs and hamsters are my favorite.


English 5, Lesson 110-The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To Me

This is something that happened to me when I was four. At the time it was embarrassing, but now, it’s just funny.

One day my Dad and I went to my favorite muffin shop for breakfast. The line was extremely long, and as a four-year old doesn’t have much patience. I was laughing, running, and walking with my eyes closed. Once we got into the shop I ran to the other side of the room closed my eyes and started walking to the other side of the room where my Dad was. It was summer, so he was wearing shorts and colon that I immediately recognize as him. I latched on to his legs and said “Gotcha!” But wait, this person doesn’t smell like my Dad’s colon. Wait, this man is wearing pants! I looked up nervously. Little did I know while I was walking across the room the line move! Thankfully the man wasn’t mad. He just laughed and so did my Dad. I was so embarrassed.

There is my funny story. Have you ever done something like?

English 5, Lesson 100: If I Could Go Back In Time

If I had the chance to go back in time, would I take it?  The answer to that question is No.  I wouldn’t go back in time.

I don’t want to go back in time for three reasons.  Number 1:  in movies, when you go back in time, and try to fix something, you’ll completely change present day.  Number 2:  Since I already know that going back in time could mess up present day, I would be totally stressed out trying to make sure I don’t change time.  Finally, Number 3:  it’ll be super weird to look in the mirror and see younger me.  I’m used to seeing little me in pictures but in the mirror, weird.

If you had the chance to go back in time, would you take it?


English 5, Lesson 90

The Coolest Invention Ever

The coolest invention is something simple and ordinary everyday things, 100 times cooler!

This invention is a car. A one hundred floored car. Each floor has something fun! There are two floors of everything. One, version for kids, and the other for adults. Both versions are fun for kids and adults. The kitchen has an endless supply of fruits and veggies. Oh! Sorry. I’m talking about the adult’s kitchen. The kid’s kitchen has dried fruit, and gummy vegetables, candy, chocolate and so much more. There are libraries, movie rooms, and toy rooms. The kid’s bedroom is awesome. You have to get through an awesome obstacle course to get to your bed. The adult and kids pool can turn into a tub (an enormous tub). That has different colors of water and different scents of bubbles. The best part is that when you walk onto a floor or room it automatically morphs into what you want it to be!

A pretty cool invention right? Who’s going to build it?

English 5, Lesson 80

My favorite way to learn and do school

My favorite way to learn and schoolwork is to pretend I’m in a real school.

I don’t like real school, but in my imagination this school is an dancing, singing, and acting school, the three things I love to do. Sometimes, if I get bored or ansy , I pretend that a teacher comes in and tells my imaginary classmates and I break out in song and dance. However, this doesn’t work. So I motivate myself, that the sooner I finish, the more time I can dance. Then I plow through it all.

People motivate themselves in different ways. This is my way. What’s your way?

English 5, Lesson 70-The Best Parents in the World

My parents meet my criteria for being the best parents in the world, the universe, and the galaxy.

I’m inspired by my parents because they love me, help me, and do anything to make me happy.  They taught me to be kind and compassionate. They build my self-esteem. They always make sure I’m happy. My Mom goes out to work, and when she comes home she almost always brings home something for me, and always tries to spend time with me and my Dad.  My Dad stays home and cooks, cleans, and takes care of me and my Mom. He is always willing to help me with school, decorations for my room, or help my Mom with a presentation she has to do.

My parents are doing something that their parents never did for them. They’re supporting my dream to become an actress on Broadway.  My Dad’s parents wanted him to be doctor; my Mom’s parents wanted her to be a teacher.  When I grow up I’m going to have child, and I’m going to treat that child just as how my parents have treated me, or better, if there is something better, or greater than how my parents treat me.

Children think the world of their parents. I think the universe of them.