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English 6, Lesson 175 – My 6th Grade English Class

This year in my English class I learned how important grammar is and how fun reading books by famous authors can be. In this essay I’m going to talk about the things I liked and disliked in the years’ English course.

Every two to three weeks I would switch from grammar to literature. I really liked how it switched, because if you’re like me, you get bored with one topic easily.

My favorite is literature because I get to read books and the video lessons are really short. I also enjoyed writing essays about the books. Writing essays about books helps me remember them.

I’ve really enjoyed all the books that I got for my reading assignments this year. I’ve already  heard of some of them from my other homeschool curriculum that wasn’t RPC. I never got around to reading those books back then so I’m happy that I got to read them now.

Grammar was a little boring and the lesson videos quite long (for me at least). But other than that I really enjoyed English this year!

I really like the English curriculum (specifically the literature section) and I can’t wait for next year’s English curriculum! Thank you Mr. Luke Mullins and Mr. Bradley Fisher for a great English course! Hope to see you next year!


English 6, Lesson 165 – How the Dog got its Tail

Long, long, ago, when the Earth was just a new planet, the Dog was a happy froliking creature that enjoyed life. You may imagine that the Dog chased his tail all day long, but he didn’t! Why? Because the Dog didn’t have a tail! Can you imagine that? Dear Reader?

One day the Dog was relaxing on his favorite rock in the Sahara Desert when the best idea came to him.

“Why don’t I travel to Antarctica?” the Dog asked himself aloud. The Lion happened to be passing by when he heard the Dog say that.

“That isn’t a good idea Dog!” the Lion said, quite loudly in his deep, loud, and majestic voice. Because the Lion spoke so loud all the animals nearby heard and came asking, “What isn’t a good idea?”

Now the Dog had to share his idea with everyone. The Dog told the Ostrich, the Hedgehog, and the Lion’s cubs! All the animals said the same thing the Lion said, “It isn’t a good idea Dog!”

Finally, the Dog getting upset with everyone saying that it was a bad idea asked them, “Why is it a bad idea?”

“Because, you don’t have thick fur to protect yourself from the cold!” the Lion explained.

“Then I shall ask the magic Jinni for a potion that will grow my fur out!” the Dog said enthusiastically and ran off for the Jinni’s house.

When the Dog got there he asked the Jinni for a potion that will grow his fur out. The Jinni gladly gave him the potion and told him to apply to the areas of his body where he wanted more fur to grow. The Jinni’s mischievous assistant and apprentice, the Monkey, offered to help the Dog apply the potion. The Dog thanked the Monkey and lay down so the potion could be applied.

The Monkey didn’t offer to help the Dog to be kind; he offered to help so that he could test out a new potion that he made on the Dog.

The Dog became immensely relaxed  and fell asleep. The Monkey thinking that this was the perfect time grabbed his potion and rubbed it on the Dog’s stub (where his tail should be, but isn’t because the world just began).

After a while the fur growing potion and the Monkey’s potion started kicking in. The Dog woke up from his nice little nap and ran to the Jinni.

“Did the potion work?!” the Dog asked excitedly.

“Very much so.” The Jinni said smiling, proud that his potion did its job. Then he frowned. The Jinni saw something hang from the Dog! The Dog becoming concerned ran to the mirror in the room and smiled. The Dog’s fur never looked better! But wait! What is that dangly thing coming from behind me?

The Dog turned around in circles, trying to get a good look at his tail. When he suddenly realized what had happened.

“Oh No! I have a tail Jinni!” the Dog cried.

“Ha-ha!” the Monkey laughed, delighted that his tail grower potion worked. The Jinni was very mad and cuffed the Monkey greatly.

The Jinni, unfortunately, couldn’t come up with a cure for the tail. So the Dog learned to live with it. Since then, the Dog would try chasing his tail trying to get a good look at it.

Now, I hoped you learned, Dear Reader, to never let a Monkey put a potion on you.

English 6, Lesson 120 – My Favorite Character

My favorite character out of all the books that I’ve is Oswald from “The Story of the Treasure Seekers”.

Oswald is the narrator of the story; he is a humble, but proud and confident boy. He feels that it’s important to always be polite, but he himself can be quite rude. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, as long as it’s private because he knows that what he says can be rude and unkind sometimes. He has a big ego but doesn’t let it get in the way of what matters most at the moment.

I really like Oswald because he was trying very hard to help his siblings find treasure or money to restore the fallen fortune of their house. He was always kind and fair, and I think that if he wasn’t a fictional character, he would be a great and trustworthy friend.

Really there’s nothing special about him because all his siblings seem to act like him, but I feel like I know him better because he narrated the story.

If Oswald Bastable ever came to life I would befriend him right away. He seems like a good person to have as a friend. What do you think after reading this essay? Do you think he would be a good friend to have around?

English 6, Lesson 155 – The Story of the Treasure Seekers

This is a great story for people who like books about children fooling around, it’s a silly book about the six Bastable children fooling around trying to help their Father by earing money for him, but most of their attempts end up causing more trouble than good.

The children decide to try to earn money for Father since after their Mother died the family became quite poor. They tried many different ways, becoming bandits, selling wine, and trying to get a loan to be a business partner for a patent company. But, as you may have expected they all fail. Sometimes they get a little bit of money out of it all but end up spending it all as soon as the coin hits their palms.

I think that the book is fun and entertaining. It seems like more of a book for children, but I think that adults might enjoy it as well. The book is written by one of my favorite authors, Edith Nesbit. She tells the story through the eyes of the second eldest child out of the six, Oswald; and let me tell you, she did an amazing job! She made the reader think through the eyes of a child.

I’ve done a book report for “The Railway Children”, which was also written about Edith Nesbit, and I think that this book is than “The Railway Children”. There’s lots of action and adventure in this book; more than what was in “The Railway Children”.

I highly recommend this book; it’s by far the best book that I’ve read all year for my English class. If you like adventure, action, and lots of silliness from children this is the book for you! Thanks for reading!

English 6, Lesson 150 – Moving Across the World

In 2018 my parents and I moved to Singapore. I had many mixed feelings about it; I was excited to move since my Mom told me to think of it as an adventure in somewhere new. But I was upset that I would have to leave the place that I grew up, I knew downtown better than my parents! And we were leaving it all behind.

I was happy once we moved to Singapore, but my happiness turned into homesickness. My Mom felt it too, I’m not sure about my Dad, he seemed to be very happy. My parents and I lived in my Grandma’s apartment for a couple of months until we found an apartment of our own.

Every weekend my cousins would come, so I got used to how locals talk and act. At first I didn’t like it, the way people talk to each other here is very harsh and mean. People are yelling at each other in a normal, happy conversation! That made me miss the US where everyone talked kindly and nicely to each other.

Then there was racism, mainly from the senior citizens. I’m not completely Chinese, my Mom is Chinese, but my Dad is Pakistani. And my skin tone is more on the brown side, like my Dad; and my skin got even tanner when we moved here because it’s always sunny, so I tanned quite a bit.

In the beginning I saw many Chinese senior citizens staring at me in a weird way. One man even pushed me aside when I couldn’t get out of the MRT station because my card wasn’t working. In Singapore you have to tap your card on a machine to exit and enter MRTs and buses. For some reason my card wasn’t working that day and the man pushed me aside when there were plenty more machines available!

That really bothered me, I’ve always known that racism was a thing, but I was never part of it, much less on the receiving end.

I started missing my home, my friends, and all the stuffed animals I used to have. I started missing every little thing, down to how I like to walk on carpeting (there’s no built in carpets in apartments in Singapore).

My homesickness got even worse when Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas came. I missed the chilly weather and snow, Halloween isn’t celebrated the here the way it is back in the US. Thanksgiving isn’t even a thing here! And Christmas isn’t Christmas to me without snow.

But, things got better. I made friends here who are homeschoolers, made my new bedroom homier, and started enjoying the weather and having almost all of my Mom’s side of the family near me. I found a place to trick-or-treat with my friends, my parents found some restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas feels quite festive and fun now! And I’ve chose to ignore the dirty stares I get by Chinese senior citizens now!

If you’ve ever moved before from your home, you will get homesick. It’s the most horrible feeling in the world, but it’ll past. You’ll get used to life in your new home, and soon you’ll feel right at home. Trust me, it might take a while but it will pass. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 100 – The Railway Children

My favorite book out of all the four books that I’ve read for English so far is “The Railway Children”.

“The Railway Children” is a book about these three children who are siblings and their life gets turned upside down because their father had to leave. They went from riches to rags. They used to live in a large house with their parents, have maids, all the toys they could want, all the food they could want, and they didn’t need to worry about money.

But all of that changed when their father mysteriously vanished. They had to move to a small house far away from their old home and had very little money. They had to give away most of their toys, and had to watch their spending and ration out food.

The house was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The children took all this pretty well though, and all of them being only under 10 years old. Their new joy now was the train station that they lived near to. They would go there every day and made friends with the engineer and his family. Once they even saved a train by turning their red undercoats into flags to warn the train of approaching danger.

I really enjoyed the book, though I wish there was more mystery and action, and there were more chapters and that there would be one great adventure throughout the book that led to them finding their father again. But this book was written in 1906 so the writing style was different back then.

I give this book 9.5 out of 10. Because it could’ve used more mystery and action.

I hope that this book report has interested you in this book. It’s a very good book and I think that anyone young or old will enjoy it. I won’t say any more about the plot of the book because that should be a surprise for you if you ever get to read it. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 135 – The Swiss Robinson Family Book Summary

The Swiss Robinson Family is a book about a family that gets stranded on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs, supplies from their wreck, and their wits.

The family is on a boat to start a new Swiss colony when their boat gets caught in the middle of a storm. They try to brave through it with the boat crew, but eventually the crew gives up and takes all the lifeboats; abandoning the family on board, with no help, in the middle of a storm.

When the storm subsides the family is left stranded on their boat with no means of getting onto the nearby island. They figured out the problem by building a makeshift boat out of tubs on board. This carries them to the island. While on board they also built life jackets for some of the animals on board.

Once they get to shore they set up a tent that they brought with them from the boat. Then they scanned the beach for food. They found lobster, oysters, and killed an agouti. Even though they found all this food they still had instant soup and biscuits that they brought from the boat.

The next day the father and the eldest son, Fritz, mustered up the courage to explore the forest. They discovered coconuts (which turned into wine, then into vinegar due to the heat), sugarcanes, gourds (that could be made into utensils) and a baby monkey; which they took in and named Knips. For dinner that day they had fish which Jack, the third son, killed while his father and brother was gone.

As time goes on Father and Fritz would make frequent trips to the wreckage of their boat to get the rest of the animals and supplies. The tent on the beach became unbearable for the family so they built a treehouse as their new home, to get the wood for this project they blew up the wreckage! They used the leftover wood from the project to build cottages and “stores” all over their little island, which they named New Switzerland. They also named their treehouse Falconhurst and the beach where they landed, Safety Bay.

They also built a home in a cave which they named Rockburg. This home was for the “winter season”, when it would rain for a month continuously before calm weather came again.

10 years passed and the family still lived there. They built themselves a yacht and kayak, and a watchtower. The family also found an Englishwoman named Jenny Montrose, who was stranded after her boat crashed just three years before. She was taken in as a daughter and sister.

A little while later they caught the attention of an England. The captain was sent by Colonel Montrose, Jenny’s father, who had been looking for her for the past three years. The captain, Captain Littlestone, offered to take Jenny back to England and anyone else from the family if they wanted to.

Mother and Father decided to stay on the island, as did Ernest (the second son) and Jack. Fritz and Franz (the youngest son) decided to take up the offer and return to the outside world.

After that, well, we don’t know. Let’s just hope that the family lived happily ever after, wither they be on their island or in a house in England. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 130 – The Ironing Board

Boom! Crash! I get tossed into a life boat, landing with a hard “thud”! I bump into a pregnant lady carrying a young child. I barely get my balance before the boat speeds off in a hurry towards land. I look around the boat frantically, looking for my parents. They’re not here! I hear a noise behind us and see two more life boats carrying more passengers, including my parents. I sigh with relief. All of a sudden the boat loses balance and the boat capsizes.

My head comes up from under the water. I hear my parents from the other boat call my name. But they’re too far away from me to help. That’s   when I see the ironing board floating in the water, I grab onto it, gasping for breath. I hang on to the board and use it as a flotation device as I swim to my parents. They grab me and pulled me up; on the way we picked up other passengers from my boat and helped them on.

I see the pregnant woman that I bumped into earlier struggling to stay afloat, in her arms her young child is crying. Behind her there is an elderly woman who was also trying to come to us.

“We have to save them!” I scream as the boat turns away from them.

“There’s no room.” The man who was guiding the boat said gravely.

Then, and idea came to me; the ironing board that I was using was still floating near the boat, I grabbed it and asked my Dad to hold onto it for a second, then I looked around the bottom of the boat and found a rope. I tied one end of the rope to the boat and the other end to the ironing board. I then told the man to steer to them, him seeing my plan agreed and steered.

“Hang on to the board!” I yelled to the people in the water. “We’ll get you to shore!”

They clung onto the board and away we went, heading for shore. On the way we saw that the third boat had picked up some passengers too, while others that were on my boat just swam to shore.

Once we got on land everyone climbed out of the boats and sat down on the sand, staring at the wreck of our cruise ship. I sighed, my very first cruise ending like this.

My parents sat down next to me and praised me for my quick thinking and ingenuity. I smiled but knew that we needed to get off the island fast and get back to the world. None of the survivors of the crash knew where we were or how the boat crashed in the first place.

All of our phones were either dead, because of the water, lost battery, or still on the wreck. There was no way to contact anybody. We all decided to think about all this in the morning, for now we needed to find a place to sleep.

I picked up the ironing board and untied it from the boat; this might make a comfortable bed! My parents were clever enough to make a thin mattress out of large leaves from the nearby trees, others followed suite. Some slept in the boats and some just in the sand.

One lady was fast enough to grab and few blankets, pillows, some food, rope, and water before the ship sank, so we made due of it all.

We made a fire and heated up the blankets for those who fell into the water. Our dinner consisted of bread, fruit, and warmed up instant soup. As we all sat around the fire we told each other our names. Including my parents and I there were 20 survivors in total. The elderly lady that we saved was name Gladys, the pregnant woman Mary and her child Lulu, the man who was steering my parent’s boat was named George, the man that was steering the third ship was named Fred, and the man steering my ship was named Luke. There was a family of five, Michael the father, Lily the mother, and their triplets Rose, Petunia, and Violet. The lady who brought the food was named Claire, and her sister Chloe. And finally tow young couples, Mark and Hannah, and Joey and Gabby.

After dinner we all prepared for bed, three fires were made and groups of us slept around it. We bathed in the sea and dried off using the pillowcases from the pillows that Claire brought. Then we all went to our “beds”. I was sleeping on the ironing board, which was surprisingly comfy! My parents were trying to talk me out of it, offering to make a leaf bed for me like the ones they made for themselves. But I didn’t accept. I like the ironing board, the one that saved my life, Mary’s and Lulu’s, and Gladys’s.

The next morning I had a plan ready on how to get off the island. During breakfast this was the number one concern that everyone was talking about. While I was helping hand out the bread and fruit, which was our breakfast, we heard a scream in the forest. I counted everyone and realized that Chloe was gone. I knew it had to be her. All of us got ready for an attack of some wild beast. Mary handed me her child and the triplets. I took them with me to hide. I was the eldest of the children so they followed everything I did. I hugged them close and told them to be quiet and calm.

Chloe came running out of the forest, there was a silence then a bear came thundering out, roaring with all his might. Lulu shrieked and the bear turned his attention away from Chloe, and towards the rock that I was hiding with the children! I put my hand over Lulu’s mouth and started breathing very hard. The rest of the adults had gone into hiding as well, so there was no one to distract the bear.

“When I say go, run into the water and hide there.” I said. “Okay?”

“But, we can’t swim!” Rose said.

“Okay. But just try, I’ll be right behind you to make sure you don’t go under, okay?” I said nervously.

The triplets gulped, but nodded. The bear started getting closer and closer. I told the children to be ready to run, when all of a sudden there was a great big racket from the other side of the beach!

It was my Dad! Trying to save us! The bear rushed towards him and bit him on the arm!

“No!” I screamed. I dropped Lulu, who I was carrying the whole time and ran towards the bear. I started beating his back screaming at him to let my Dad go!

The bear turned, his eyes full of savageness, but so was mine. I grabbed my ironing board which was at my feet and hit the bear right on his nose. The bear just stood there, dumbstruck by the pain.

Then everybody else came out with sticks and stones, beating the bear. Even the kids came out with sticks and was beating the bear with them! Finally he bear dropped by Dad who he was holding in his mouth the whole time and ran back into the forest whimpering.

Mary, my Mom, and Gladys came rushing to my Dad’s side to tend to his wound. Gladys used to be a nurse in the ER and knew exactly what to do. SO did my Mom and Mary, since they were in the Red Cross and knew how to deal with wounds. They took the First Aid Kit from the boat and before we knew it my Dad’s wound was wrapped up and sanitized.

“Seems that ironing board of yours is a real life saver! Eh?” George said half relieved, half impressed.

We carried out with breakfast and I told everyone my plan: “We go back to the ship in our boats and grab supplies and such for ourselves, and then we try looking in the captain’s cabin for something that could contact the world for help.”

“I like that plan.” George said. “It’s practical.”

“Yes, it its.” Agreed Fred. “But, we only have two boats, one of them to stolen in the night by something in the water.”

I looked at where we parked out boats, and Fred was right.

“So, we only take a few people with us. George, Fred, and Luke should come. They know the ship better than any of us since they worked there. Claire can come, since she’s resourceful. Now we only need a child who will wander off and find things. Maybe if Mary agrees we can take Lulu with us!” I said.

“I really like your plan, but Lulu is not going. It’s too dangerous!” Mary replied.

“Okay. I already know that if one of the triplets go all of them want to go and we can’t take care of three fast kids.” I said rationally.

“You should go!” George suggested. “This is your plan, and you’re a child!”

I smiled. I really wanted to go. I asked my parents and they agreed. So the five of us set out for the ship. As we were leaving I added my ironing board.

“What are you bringing that for?” Claire asked.

“Well, this board has a tendency for saving lives. And, we might bring back a lot of things, so I’ll swim back on this so the boat won’t be too heavy!” I said.

The others laughed, but agreed that the plan was reasonable and we set off.

Once we got on board George took Claire to show here where all the medicines and food are, Luke went to the captain’s cabin, and Fred followed me so I wouldn’t get into a scrap without help.

After 15 minutes of scavenging we met back at where we docked our boat. Claire got lots of food and medicine for my Dad and for other occasions that medicine might come in handy. I found more pillows and blankets and some of the survivors belonging that I thought they might want, including toys for the children and my favorite bright sequin, neon pink scarf. And Luke came back saying that he successfully contacted the nearest Navy base, he said that they should be coming for us within the next few days.

We loaded everything on the boat, and like I said it was too heavy for me to be in it, so Fred tied the ironing board to the boat and I trailed behind them the whole way. Another useful thing that the ironing board can do.

When we got back everyone hailed our arrival. We enjoyed good food for meals for the next few days, there were no incidents and we kept clear of the forest unless we need wood for the fire, then we always had a squad with us to protect each other.

A few days passed and no one came to take us off the island, and we were running low on food. So Fred, George, Luke, Claire, and I headed back to the wreck, this time with the other boat. I planned on putting a lot of stuff that belonged to the survivors on it. Claire gathered food and Fred and I gather personal belongings. Luke came back and told us that the Navy couldn’t come so they’re sending helicopters.

I rode back to the island on by ironing board and told everyone the news. The next day we were woken up by the loud noise of wind, not just any wind, helicopter wind! The helicopter couldn’t see us though. How are we going to get them to see us? I remembered my pink, neon colored, sequins scarf. I quickly tied that to my ironing board and climbed up the highest rock on the beach. I started yelling and screaming while waving the ironing board with all my might.

The helicopters finally found us and picked us up, including all of our belongings.

As we were heading back to the world I sighed contentedly. Who knew that an ironing board can save so many lives if used in the right way?

English 6, Lesson 115 – Tanglewood Tales

This week I’ve been reading Tanglewood Tales, and for this essay I’m going to talk about how the Greeks way of thinking of themselves affects their stories.

In all the stories that I’ve read there is one reuccuring thing: Giants, scary creatures, and strong heroes. I think that the Greeks saw themselves as the strongest humans. In “Dragon’s Teeth” when the character planted the dragon’s teeth in the ground mighty soldiers came up, ready to fight. Maybe this is how the Greeks wanted to be portrayed? But later in the story when the main character threw a rock into the midst of them they started fighting each other, assuming that their neighbor threw the stone. Only the strongest of the men survived. Does this show survival of the fittest? Or does it show how violent the Greeks can get?

In all the stories the heroes try to prove themselves by doing something dangerous, or something that is considered impossible to earn respect. Is it showing that the Greeks need to prove themselves?

Most characters have bad tempers too, like in “Dragon’s Teeth” the king outcasts his sons to go find his kidnapped daughter. His sons were only boys! In “Pygmies”, the pygmies scared out Hercules after he killed Antaeus, their brother. What does this show?

I’m thinking that the Greeks either thought of themselves very highly, or the writers have an amazing imagination. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 105 – Cassia, Mother Earth’s Giant Daughter

Have you ever heard of the giant Cassia? The daughter of Mother Earth, the unknown sister of Antaeus and the Pygmies. You haven’t? Well then, settle in for a nice story.

Cassia was the daughter of Mother Earth, a giant, like Antaeus. She was the unknown child, until now. Cassia felt like a loner, she thought that she was the only one of her kind. She didn’t know she had brothers, she didn’t know that there were fellow giants out there.

One day Cassia was planning move from her dreary and dull home in Egypt and decided to move to the middle of Africa, a hot, hot place. We don’t know where exactly, but it was near the Pygmies (we don’t know where exactly the Pygmies are either so, bear with me).

Cassia moved successfully and made a home for herself. One day she was resting in the sun, when she felt a shadow pass over her. It was a tremendous shadow as tall and as long as her body and she was a giant! Cassia sat up and saw, in the distance, another giant!

Cassia was over taken with excitement and started to pack her things, she was going to follow this giant. For how long? She didn’t know, she only knew that she was following that giant.

After a five day walk she lost him! I know what you’re thinking: “How can she lose a giant?! It’s a giant!” Well, how she lost him was pretty simple really. While tailing him she got tired and fell asleep. While she was sleeping the giant kept on going and hence, Cassia lost the giant. She followed his footsteps in the sand for a few days, but eventually her footsteps and his mingled and she got confused and lost him.

Cassia was devastated, she almost found one of her own! And she lost him. Cassia being exhausted from walking for days fell down onto the sand and started crying. She cried so long and so hard that it flooded the Pygmies’ city! The Pygmies sent a boat full of their bravest warriors up the river of tears to find the culprit who did this.

When the boat finally reached Cassia she was all tired out from crying and was lying in the sand sleeping. The Pygmies were shocked! They didn’t know that a third giant existed in the world. They only knew of two giants, Antaeus, their late brother, and Hercules, Antaeus’ s killer and the giant that Cassia was following!

“Excuse me!” yelled the Pygmies from their boat. Cassia woke up from her slumber with a  start and looked down at the little creatures that were talking to her.

“Yes?” Cassia asked

“Could you kindly stop crying? Your tears are flooding our city!” The Pygmies called

“Oh! I’m ever so sorry dear little creatures! I will stop.” Cassia cried

“Thank you for not crying. Goodbye then!” The Pygmies said as they boarded their boat again preparing to head home.

“Wait!” called Cassia. “I was looking for a giant, have you seen him?”

“There is only one giant, but he left.” The Pygmies said mournfully.

“Why do you say that so sadly dear creatures?” asked Cassia kindly

“We had a brother, Antaeus, a child of Mother Earth, like us. He was slain by another giant by the name of Hercules.” The Pygmies recalled sadly

“I’m a child of Mother Earth!” Cassia yelled excitedly. “And I will avenge the death of my dear brother Antaeus!”

The Pygmies were overjoyed by this. They begged her to go with them to their city so that they may tell their king this good news.

Cassia followed them to their city and met their king. He praised her for this good deed and wished her well. She then set off in pursuit of this Hercules.

She walked for 11 days and 11 nights until she found him asleep under a great oak tree. She crept up behind him and yanked a big branch off the oak tree and swung the branch down on him.

Hercules jumped up in pain and in surprise. He looked at Cassia with surprise.

“May I help you? Young maiden?” he asked kindly

Cassia ran at him and started beating him with her branch.

“ I will not hurt a maiden!” Hercules half grunted half yelled while trying to defend himself from Cassia’s branch.

“Too bad! Because I’ll hurt you!” she yelled

After a few minutes Hercules was tired and so was Cassia. Cassia then dropped the branch and started walking away. She didn’t know how many giants were in the world. There was no point in killing one of her own, and she was exhausted.

She walked all the way back to the Pygmies city and told them that she hurt Hercules and that he will never disturb them again. The Pygmies thanked her and asked her to be their new guardian of their city. She accepted and moved her home next to the Pygmies.

Cassia then spent the rest of her life guarding the Pygmies and being their protector. She lived happily ever after.

Well now you know about Cassia, the giant daughter of Mother Earth, unknown sister of Antaeus and the Pygmies, and the protector of the Pygmies.