English 7 – Lesson 15 Outer Space

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I open my eyes suddenly. What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just my alarm. Wait! I widen my eyes, I just realized, I’m in space! I’m in a rocket! The rocket slowly landed on hard ground with a bump. The door slowly opened and I stepped out.

By the looks of it I was on Mars! How did I end up here? Is this a dream? Or is it real? Why would NASA let a kid go to Mars? This has to be a dream then.

I start walking towards a tiny silhouette in the distance. It looks like a silhouette of a tiny person! Or is it an alien? This is Mars after all. I keep walking towards the silhouette anyways. If it’s just a dream I’m safe.

As I get closer I realize that the silhouette is an alien! And it’s not as small as it seemed. The alien seemed to sense me, it slowly turned around. I stopped walking abruptly, suddenly this all seemed real. But it’s just a dream, it’s just my imagination. When the alien finally turned around completely I realized that it’s not an alien! It’s a penguin! What’s a penguin doing on Mars?

The penguin completely ignores me and waddles right past me and off into the distance. I start walking again towards another silhouette I see in the distance.

When I finally got to where the figure was standing I realize that it’s a giraffe! A giraffe on Mars. I start walking again and see another silhouette. It was a rhino!

After walking straight for an hour I saw a hippo, lion, tiger, bear, and more penguins! What is it with Mars penguins? Is Mars just a giant zoo!

I start to walk back in the direction of the rocket, I was getting tired and wanted to see other planets. I saw another silhouette in the distance. Probably another penguin. I kept walking until I realized; is that a unicorn!

I started walking towards it when it noticed me.

“Hello!” the unicorn said to me. Unicorns talk on Mars apparently.

“H-hello.” I replied.

“Where are you heading?” the unicorn asked.

“My rocket, I want to see other planets before I wake up.” I replied.

“Do you need a ride?” the unicorn asked offering her back to me.

“Sure!” I started to get on, but I can’t ride on someone’s back without asking the person’s (or unicorn’s in this case) name. But the unicorn didn’t give me a chance and used its magic horn to lift me up onto its back. The unicorn was galloping so fast that I couldn’t talk, just be amazed about how fast the unicorn was going.

When we finally got to the rocket the unicorn dropped me on the ground lightly.

“Have fun seeing all the planets!”

“Thank you!”

And just like that the unicorn ran away, and I never knew its name! I looked down at my hand, I was holding on to the unicorn’s rainbow mane so hard a few strands came out!



I opened my eyes. It’s morning! I have to wake up for school again. That’s too bad; that was the best dream ever.

I start to get out of bed and start stretching. I look down at my hand; the hair is still in my hand! Was that really a dream? Or did I ride on a real life unicorn on Mars?


History 7, Morals from the Seafaring Beggar and Other Tales

In the book of tales that I have been reading each story/poem has a moral. There are two stories that really stuck out to me, and in this essay I’m going to talk about them.

Hakim and His Special Letter

In this story a young mountain boy comes down from his village in the mountains for the first time to obtain a great treasure; the Qur’an. The Qur’an was the only treasure of his village and it brought joy to all the villagers. When the Sheikh’s tent burned down the Qur’an went up in flames as well. Hakim asked the Sheikh’s wife to write a special letter requesting a Qur’an from whomever Hakim met.

Hakim left in the night so his parents wouldn’t know and try to stop him. As he went down the mountain he heard someone coming and hid. Hakim had heard the elders of his village tell about dangerous bandits on the mountain. The person turned out to be a man pulling his donkey up the mountain. Hakim called out to him. The man told him to come closer; all of a sudden the man pulled out a knife and started threatening Hakim. He told Hakim to turn out his pockets; all Hakim had was the letter. Hakim read the letter to the bandit. When Hakim finished the bandit started crying; when he finally calmed down he explained why he was crying.

The bandit’s father always read the Qur’an to him when he got into trouble. His father was always patient and was always kind. At his father’s death bed he asked his son to give him his Qur’an, the one thing that gave him joy. The bandit never gave his father’s Qur’an to him before he died. The bandit took his father’s Qur’an to remember him by and to make up for not giving the thing one thing that gave him joy.

The bandit gave Hakim his father’s Qur’an, this is how he’s going to repay his mistake.

Moral: Allah will always forgive you, and will give you a chance to be forgiven.


The Seafaring Beggar

In this story a trader, Ma Liang, gets robbed, causing him to not have any money to pay for his ship. He becomes homeless and poor. One day he decides to go to the port to ask for money. He sees a foreigner that just landed at the port. He went over asking for money. Maybe the foreigner will be sympathetic to him.  When Ma Liang approached him asking for some money the foreigner started asking for Ma Liang’s arms, legs, hands, feet, and eyes! Each time offering $1000 for each body part. Ma Liang getting mad asked the man why are you asking me for my body parts. The foreigner replied: “Allah has given you all of these body parts. You’re in perfect condition to work. All your body parts can give you thousands of dollars altogether!”

Ma Liang understood what the foreigner meant.  The foreigner asked him what his profession was; Ma Liang said that he was a sailor. The foreigner needed a new captain for his ship and offered Ma Liang the job. Ma Liang accepted; since then  he converted to Islam and got a ship bigger than the one that he had before, and abundance flooded into his life.

Moral: Allah gives you abundance, since the day you were born. Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean that your life is over. Everything that happens to you is part of Allah’s plan. You have control of your life, but Allah gives you the opportunities.


As you can see, this storybook has a lot of good stories and morals. These morals can apply to your everyday life. You just need to watch out for them. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 10 – The Last Sleepover

During my break between 6th grade and 7th grade I’ve read a lot of good books. And so far in English I’ve learned the different parts of a plot. So in this essay I’m going to write the five different parts of the plot from my favorite book that I’ve read over break; The Last Sleepover.


In the prologue, 30 years before the actual story happened, Ms. Wormhouse, the drama teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School is fired. We find out that she has written a play for the students to preform and things have gone haywire. A girl has died, and rehearsals have been filled with horrible accidents. Before Ms. Wormhouse leaves the school for good she hides a copy of her play in a streamer trunk in the theatre, vowing that her play will be performed again.

Rising Action

We’re now brought back, 30 years after this scene, and the present day drama teacher, Mr. Gomez has been given a very important task; to put on a new and original play. Mr. Gomez was going to revive the school’s sagging drama program.

Something was calling to him from backstage. He had a panicky feeling, he needed to find something. As he entered the backstage area he spotted the old streamer trunk, in the deepest and darkest corner of the theatre. He quickly went over to it and opened the lid, searching for something. Mr. Gomez’s fingers curled around something at the bottom. He pulled his hand out of the trunk.

Eureka! A script! He stepped back so he can read the script in good light.  He read through the pages. He had done it; he had found an original script to revive the drama program! But wait, he read through the script more thoroughly, something wasn’t right about this. Mr. Gomez quickly returned to the trunk to put the script back when he tripped over a low stool that hadn’t been there before. When he landed he felt a sharp pain in his ankle.

Then we meet Gabrielle, better known as Bree, who is auditioning for the school play, with her best friend Melissa. They’re anxiously waiting in the theatre for Mr. Gomez. But instead and new drama teacher comes in, Ms. Hollows. Mr. Gomez broke his ankle so she would be the substitute.

The play that they were doing was called “The Last Sleepover”. Ms. Hollows handed out the scripts and told the class to read over the scripts when they got home.

Bree and Melissa read it and found that the play seemed quite creepy, but they couldn’t stop reading it. They all auditioned and Bree got the lead and Melissa got the lead’s best friend.

Rehearsals started, and Bree started going through some creepy stuff.


One of the girls at rehearsal told Bree that “The Last Sleepover” had been done before at their school, and that the play was cursed and that the girl playing the lead last time died.

Every day after rehearsal the thing that Bree rehearsed happened to her in real life. Bree is starting to think that the play really is haunted.

Bree is sure that she is being stalked, like the main character was sure. She saw a face in her window one night, just like in the play. And she kept on getting creepy phone calls telling her to beware, just like in the main character did! But, of course, no one believed her.

Falling Action

The day of the play Bree decides to give up and leave the show, having enough of this. So she goes to the theater early to tell Ms. Wormwood that she wants to quit. But Ms. Wormwood isn’t there! Bree sees a shadow running up the stairs to the second level of the theatre, she follows. When she sees the person that she was following she realized that it was herself! The other version of Bree pushes her down the stairs, making Bree hit her head and black out.


Bree wakes up in the hospital three days later. The play was postponed and Bree was safe. On the day of the play, at the time the play was going to start an explosion happened  in the theatre.

When Bree falls asleep again the other version of her explains everything, she was the one stalking Bree, the one that sent the creepy phone calls, and she was the face in her window. This Bree came from an alternate reality where Bree died in the explosion and the other Bree was trying to save her.

In the end the other Bree went back to her alternate reality, and “our” Bree lived to become a mother and live a happy life.


Those are the five main points of a plot, describe using a story! I hope you now know the five parts of a plot. Thanks for reading!

History 7, The Basic Beliefs of Islam

In Islam we believe in many things. In this essay I’m going to list the basic beliefs of Islam.

In Islam we believe that there is only one God, that He has no parents or children, and that He is our creator, and that he has 99 names all describing his magnificence. We also believe in angels, another one of God’s creations who are always busy carrying out His commands. We believe in the prophets, people God has sent to us to remind us of Him and renew our loyalty to Him. We believe that whatever comes to you, good or bad, is from God and that it’s all part of His plan; we also believe in life after death.

We believe in God’s books, the Scrolls given to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), the Psalms given to Prophet Dawud (David), the Torah given to Prophet Musa (Moses), the Gospel (better known as the Bible now days) given to Prophet Isa (Jesus), and the Qur’an given to Prophet Muhammad.

But the Muslims only follow the Qur’an since the Scrolls were lost by the people, and the books of Prophets Abraham, David, and Jesus were changed by the people. The Qur’an is the only book of God that remains known and untainted.

Islam is all about faith. But it’s not just believing, it’s also action; showing your faith to God. All of that was just the faith part of Islam. Islam consists of faith and action; this is the action part of Islam, what we do.

We follow the Five Pillars of Islam, which is the structure of Islam. The five pillars of Islam are Shahada ( declaring faith), Salat (prayer), Zakat (money for the poor and needy), Sawm (fasting), and Hajj (pilgrimage).

These are the beliefs of Islam.  We believe in one God and following the Books of God, what God wants us to do or wants us to be. I hope this has given you a good idea of the beliefs of Islam. Thanks for reading!


English 6, Lesson 175 – My 6th Grade English Class

This year in my English class I learned how important grammar is and how fun reading books by famous authors can be. In this essay I’m going to talk about the things I liked and disliked in the years’ English course.

Every two to three weeks I would switch from grammar to literature. I really liked how it switched, because if you’re like me, you get bored with one topic easily.

My favorite is literature because I get to read books and the video lessons are really short. I also enjoyed writing essays about the books. Writing essays about books helps me remember them.

I’ve really enjoyed all the books that I got for my reading assignments this year. I’ve already  heard of some of them from my other homeschool curriculum that wasn’t RPC. I never got around to reading those books back then so I’m happy that I got to read them now.

Grammar was a little boring and the lesson videos quite long (for me at least). But other than that I really enjoyed English this year!

I really like the English curriculum (specifically the literature section) and I can’t wait for next year’s English curriculum! Thank you Mr. Luke Mullins and Mr. Bradley Fisher for a great English course! Hope to see you next year!

English 6, Lesson 165 – How the Dog got its Tail

Long, long, ago, when the Earth was just a new planet, the Dog was a happy froliking creature that enjoyed life. You may imagine that the Dog chased his tail all day long, but he didn’t! Why? Because the Dog didn’t have a tail! Can you imagine that? Dear Reader?

One day the Dog was relaxing on his favorite rock in the Sahara Desert when the best idea came to him.

“Why don’t I travel to Antarctica?” the Dog asked himself aloud. The Lion happened to be passing by when he heard the Dog say that.

“That isn’t a good idea Dog!” the Lion said, quite loudly in his deep, loud, and majestic voice. Because the Lion spoke so loud all the animals nearby heard and came asking, “What isn’t a good idea?”

Now the Dog had to share his idea with everyone. The Dog told the Ostrich, the Hedgehog, and the Lion’s cubs! All the animals said the same thing the Lion said, “It isn’t a good idea Dog!”

Finally, the Dog getting upset with everyone saying that it was a bad idea asked them, “Why is it a bad idea?”

“Because, you don’t have thick fur to protect yourself from the cold!” the Lion explained.

“Then I shall ask the magic Jinni for a potion that will grow my fur out!” the Dog said enthusiastically and ran off for the Jinni’s house.

When the Dog got there he asked the Jinni for a potion that will grow his fur out. The Jinni gladly gave him the potion and told him to apply to the areas of his body where he wanted more fur to grow. The Jinni’s mischievous assistant and apprentice, the Monkey, offered to help the Dog apply the potion. The Dog thanked the Monkey and lay down so the potion could be applied.

The Monkey didn’t offer to help the Dog to be kind; he offered to help so that he could test out a new potion that he made on the Dog.

The Dog became immensely relaxed  and fell asleep. The Monkey thinking that this was the perfect time grabbed his potion and rubbed it on the Dog’s stub (where his tail should be, but isn’t because the world just began).

After a while the fur growing potion and the Monkey’s potion started kicking in. The Dog woke up from his nice little nap and ran to the Jinni.

“Did the potion work?!” the Dog asked excitedly.

“Very much so.” The Jinni said smiling, proud that his potion did its job. Then he frowned. The Jinni saw something hang from the Dog! The Dog becoming concerned ran to the mirror in the room and smiled. The Dog’s fur never looked better! But wait! What is that dangly thing coming from behind me?

The Dog turned around in circles, trying to get a good look at his tail. When he suddenly realized what had happened.

“Oh No! I have a tail Jinni!” the Dog cried.

“Ha-ha!” the Monkey laughed, delighted that his tail grower potion worked. The Jinni was very mad and cuffed the Monkey greatly.

The Jinni, unfortunately, couldn’t come up with a cure for the tail. So the Dog learned to live with it. Since then, the Dog would try chasing his tail trying to get a good look at it.

Now, I hoped you learned, Dear Reader, to never let a Monkey put a potion on you.

English 6, Lesson 120 – My Favorite Character

My favorite character out of all the books that I’ve is Oswald from “The Story of the Treasure Seekers”.

Oswald is the narrator of the story; he is a humble, but proud and confident boy. He feels that it’s important to always be polite, but he himself can be quite rude. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, as long as it’s private because he knows that what he says can be rude and unkind sometimes. He has a big ego but doesn’t let it get in the way of what matters most at the moment.

I really like Oswald because he was trying very hard to help his siblings find treasure or money to restore the fallen fortune of their house. He was always kind and fair, and I think that if he wasn’t a fictional character, he would be a great and trustworthy friend.

Really there’s nothing special about him because all his siblings seem to act like him, but I feel like I know him better because he narrated the story.

If Oswald Bastable ever came to life I would befriend him right away. He seems like a good person to have as a friend. What do you think after reading this essay? Do you think he would be a good friend to have around?