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History 6, Review Essay 35 – Egypt

This year, my favorite world tour was Ancient Egypt.

I think that Ancient Egypt’s culture is very interesting and is like our modern day culture. The Egyptian wanted to look presentable in public, they always tried to be clean, they wore wigs, they had pets, and they were also strict with their rules, or laws. My favorite part about the Egyptians though, was how they treated the dead. I think that it’s really interesting.

After the person dies, the body is sent to the embalmer who then scoops out the organs and puts them into jars. The tops of the jars are the heads of each of the Egyptian gods; they’re supposed to “guard” the organs in the afterlife. He then puts the body in a bath of salt water and a few other chemicals, he leaves the body in there for a day and then wraps the body in white cloth. The embalmer then gives the body wrapped in white cloth to the family so they can mourn the passing. For the rich the body can stay for a few weeks. For the poor, maybe just a few days. The body then goes to the people who make the tombs. Then a grand funeral happens for the person they are put in their family’s catacombs.

I think that this process is very interesting, how they take out the organs, the wrapping in the white cloth, all that stuff. Do you think that this is interesting or am I just weird? J Thanks for reading!



Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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