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History 6, Review Essay 34 – The fall of Ancient Rome

Every empire sees the end of their reign. In this essay I’m going to talk about the fall of Ancient Rome, one of the greatest empires in the ancient world.

By 476, the Western Roman Empire was the largest empire that the world had ever known. But, like every empire it started to shrink and decline.

There were six main reasons that made  Rome decline; the spilt of the of the empire, lack of military cohesion, the economic struggles, the political rivalries and civil wars, the moral decline of the nation, and the barbarian tribes who invaded Rome, causing its final downfall.

The spilt of Rome was supposed to be beneficial; instead it became one of the reasons of the downfall of Rome.  Emperor Diocletian thought that if he split Rome the East and West could have their own emperors focusing on them, and only them. But this caused political drama and civil wars between the two empires; making Rome weaker.

Because of all the infighting Rome didn’t have the resources to keep on expanding, which was a problem. Rome relied on slaves that they conquered, and what the slaves did for them. Because of this, the principle resources went down, making the economy weaker.

Their army consisted of their prisoners of war; when they were fighting against the barbarians they already had barbarians in their army. The Roman soldiers who were barbarians didn’t fight because it was like fighting distant family. This made the army weak.

And then, of course, there’s Rome’s moral atmosphere. ; which was rotten to the core all because of the violent gladiatorial games and other sickening entertainment that Rome had for the people. The Romans started getting lazy and started leading lives of ease. So when they were needed to work they refused. This is the type of mindset that leads to decline. In this case the decline of Rome. If you think about it, the Romans were digging their grave by following this mindset.

The people also started to not trust the government, each emperor was eventually murdered, didn’t rule well, or committed suicide. With the constant change of emperors the people stopped trusting the government and Rome’s leaders.

On top of all of these things Rome still had to fight the barbarians! If the emperors were better leaders all this could’ve been prevented. Most of the kings were just children, due to constant change of emperors; the kingdom was basically being ruled by the minster of the emperor who was weak minded and indecisive.

As you can see, after the 3rd Century Crisis things in Rome started getting horrible. The people and the emperors were digging their own deathbed. Don’t you agree? Thanks for reading!




Author: sophiaelahirpc

Part-time 10th Grade student in the Ron Paul Curriculum. Full-time teen writer living in Singapore.

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